Featured Artists

We love bringing Guest Artists into the shop! If you are, or know of, an awesome Body Modification Artist interested in spending some time in the area, email us at timebombtattoos@gmail.com.

With us 11/24/17 – 11/25/17

Daniel Adamczyk

See more of his work here!

With us 11/17/17 – 11/19/17

Joy Lessposh

See more of her work here!

With us 8/4/17 – 8/9/17

Charon Henning

See more of her work here!

With us 6/13/17 – 6/24/17

Lou O’Caiside

See more of his work here!

With us 5/25/17 – 5/28/17

James O’Hanlon

See more of his work here!

With us 2/11/17 – 2/21/17

Karin Hein

See more of her work here!

With us 2/16/16 – 2/20/16

Natan Alexander

See more of his work here!