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Located in the heart of Frederick Maryland, we have been happily serving the Frederick area since 1998. We provide a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere for your tattoo and piercing experience. We utilize state-of-the-art autoclave sterilization and all of our needles, inks, gloves, and ointments are strictly single use only.

The only shop in Frederick that does every tattoo style.

After 20 years of providing tattoos and piercings, we have come to realize that body modifications serve as an external depiction of your inner-most thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. This is why we offer a massive variety of tattoo work, including custom tattoos, cover-ups, and retouches. In addition, you may also select any one of the tattoos from our gallery or bring a sample design with you. All our work is guaranteed to be of the finest quality.


  • Love everyone who works there - very professional, friendly, and fun. Three tats from Sarah Rice and want more. Love, love, love her work!!!!!!

  • I want to personally thank Brad for his time, his creative energy, and his vision to allow my vision to come to life. I went in to have my piece created and left feeling like a piece of my heart was filled by the experience. This is not my first tattoo nor my last but it is now a place where I will come ever after more. Thanks for the moment in time and see you next year!

  • Gordon is incredibly talented and experienced. He also possesses the understanding behind the meanings of the art and work he performs. I will only trust certain art and body modifications to him. I wish I lived closer, as he'd have much more of my time, money, and support. I've had piercings and am in the process of a full-arm sleeve from Capt Gordon. The new shop is beautiful and conveys a higher sense of the art and artists that work there. I like the new additions of retail and curiosities. You can't go wrong trusting a permanent piece of body art to these fine folks.