Twice a day wash with a mild, non antibacterial, unscented soap (Dove, Ivory, Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild etc.) and warm water. Rub gently with lathered hands until clean then rinse and pat dry with a clean towel, DO NOT RUB. Three to Four times a day, gently and thoroughly massage a thin layer of your artists recommended ointment/lotion into the tattoo (Aquaphor, H2Ocean, Lubriderm etc). With a clean paper towel blot away any excess ointment/lotion after a minute has passed. Your new tattoo needs to be able to breathe as well as be well moisturized. Check it after 10 or 15 minutes, if it looks shiny, slimy, or glossy, it needs to be blotted again, so it can breathe.


Picking, Scratching, Soaking, Friction, and excess exposure to Sunlight for the first two weeks. Quick showers are fine (15 minutes or less), and be sure to wash your tattoo with lathered hands last. Tanning and Burning your skin will cause your tattoo to age more rapidly. Use SPF 50+ to protect your tattoo for the rest of your life!