About Time Bomb

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We pride ourselves in creating custom artwork to last a lifetime, and beyond.

Each one of our artists is incredibly talented and committed to coming up with the perfect design every time. We want to make sure that every tattoo that we do will make our customers happy forever, not just for the first few days. So all of our consultation and planning time is free and we make certain to get it right!

We delight in the details…

…from placement perfection, to meticulous set up, all the way through reviewing care instructions for your new art. Our process is clean, fun, friendly, and tailored to your needs.

While we do specialize in modifying and beautifying the body, our artists are gifted in many mediums.

We encourage all custom and commission requests; the skin is not the limit!

We also carry a wide variety of body jewelry, from the basics, to the fancy, to the custom BVLA, Anatometal, and Neometal pieces. In addition, you will find all sorts of unique adornments, rogue taxidermy, antiques, and memorabilia to pique your curiosities!


Use your body as a medium to show people who you really are. Our award-winning establishment can provide you with the design you’ve been looking for.


We believe that the human body can and should serve as a canva and that piercings are the perfect way to send a message about who you are.


Our shop isn’t just for body art – we also have a huge assortment of fun curiosities!

From historical artifacts to antique art pieces to unique taxidermy… we have something fascinating for just about anyone interested in the more peculiar things in life!

Rental Properties

Planning a trip to the area? We have two spacious suites that are centrally located. With great natural light, these suites have everything a couple, family, or group of friends need for a great visit! Our 1910 Edwardian Era building in Historic Downtown Frederick, recently renovated with all new interior save for some curved walls and wood floors, has charm and modern convenience.

Service Request Form

Please note that this form only starts the process of booking, it does not guarantee you a specific date/time.


Karen Bitzel
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Excellent customer service, both in person and via email. Clean and welcoming environment. I was glad I could get my tattoo in the back room as I would have been uncomfortable in the front of the shop with an audience of waiting customers and casual visitors to the shop. Colin was courteous, professional, efficient, and precise in his work. He gave clear directions about the process as well as after care instructions. If you are interested in a tattoo, you can feel confident that you will get exactly what you want if you come to Time Bomb!
Jessica Hopkins
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Had a wonderful experience here for my piercing with Capt Gordon. He was kind and had great conversations about travel. Definitely eased my nerves. The shop itself is impeccably clean and lots of neat trinkets to browse. Reasonably priced, great customer service, great experience
Angelica Smith
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The piercer was professional and courteous. He listened to my concerns and preference in placement of the jewelry. The office was clean and sterilized. Very interesting aesthetic. I'll definitely return for my next tattoo or piercing!
Scott “Wiki” Nakoski
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I cannot recommend this place enough! Super clean, super friendly, and just such an unique place. Every staff member is passionate about tattoos and body modification. The staff here take your safety and comfort seriously, which makes the experience so much smoother. Each artist has a personal style they excel at, but they are all incredibly talented. The lobby, a.k.a. their curiosities shop, is full of neat stuff, too!
Lexi Windsor
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Everyone was extremely genuine. Parrish was super kind and funny. The employees who greeted me and signed me in were very nice and helpful and helped me feel relaxed for my tattoo. Parrish did an amazing job and I’m really happy I decided to get my first tattoo here. I also got my second helix and forward helix pierced. Jasper was so nice and he helped me feel more relaxed for my piercing. He was super chill and I love the results of my piercings. I will definitely be coming back to get more tattoos and piercings. I recommend this place for everyone especially to the people who are tattoo/piercing beginners!
Nicole Abuhamada
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I could have gone to the mall to save a buck on my nose piercing, but I chose Time Bomb because they are the best. They took care of me, from enthusiastically recommending what piercing would look and feel best (I really had no idea) to piercing me with minimal pain, no scarring, and no infection. They gave me detailed instructions on how to care for it after. Also, I was quite late to my appointment, but they still took me and I was in and out in 10 minutes. Additionally, everyone working there was warm and welcoming. I am so glad I went to Time Bomb and have scheduled another piercing with them!
David Brosnan
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One of the best tattoo parlours I’ve ever been to! Located in a great spot on Market Street, lots to do before, while you wait or after your tattoo/piercing. The environment and vibe is great. Everyone is super friendly and professional and want to do right by you! Very helpful and knowledgeable staff and artists. Very happy with my tattoo and I’ll definitely be back
Nicole Hammonds
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Very clean and wonderful staff! Definitely going here for any more piercings!!! Christie made me feel comfortable and she did a awesome job!!
Janis Blair
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I have been tattooed by Colin and my daughter has gotten 3 piercings here. Love the staff! They are always personable and helpful. The store is also full of cool artifacts and chochkies.
Ali Tagert
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I had an awesome experience at Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities. I walked in just to check it out and left with a helix piercing and a new hair pin! The whole staff was welcoming. The establishment was clean, professional, and super fun to look around! I highly recommend them.
Smith Erica
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I've gotten five of my tattoos here, and will keep coming back for the clean environment, courteous and friendly staff, and most importantly the incredible artists. Colin was affable and enthusiastic throughout, made sure I was comfortable and checked in with me frequently over the 3.5-hour process (he's got great taste in music, too!). Highly recommended.
Greg Carbone
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Cleanest place I've been in! Amazing atmosphere, friendly staff, and extremely talented artists. If you're looking for a place to get you done right, look no further!
Samantha Cannon
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Makoto is so down to earth. They took their time and made sure it was perfect. I am in LOVE with my tattoo and how it turned out! Thank you Time Bomb and Makoto!
Anthony Gonzales
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Colin does amazing work, pulled the picture out of my head and made it a reality! The shop is taking spectacular COVID measures and really made me feel at ease. Overall awesome experience! Will definitely be back for more
Michelle Garwood
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I got my very first tattoo today and had a wonderful experience. Colin was so patient with me and really listened to what I wanted and did a perfect job! I’m so happy with the results and can’t wait to get my next one! I’ll definitely be back!
Holly Brewer
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Got my nostril pierced two weeks ago and it was a great experience. Place was very clean and Capt. Gordon was very professional. There were so many options for jewelry and the girl at the front was super helpful and friendly. Piercing itself was quick and surprisingly not painful at all! Love it!
Ben Lewis
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Took my almost 13 year old daughter in to get her ears pierced a second time today. Terrific experience and Christie was the bomb! Super sweet and really helped my daughter relax. Cannot recommend enough! We will be back for sure!
Joanna Kuehne
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Captain Gordon took time to help me find the perfect placement for my new tattoo. He was professional and the experience was painless. I would visit Time Bomb again, there’s so many neat things to see in the shop!
Shelly Ehlert
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Loach did such awesome work on this little flower piece for me. I love it!
Patt Wood
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Absolutely love this shop! Got my first visible tattoo on my arm last week. Captain Gordon did a fantastic job. Exactly what I wanted. Price was great too. My wife will be getting her first tattoo here next week. Shop is immaculate. Staff made us feel very comfortable. Can't rate this shop high enough!
Patt Wood
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Absolutely love this shop! Got my first visible tattoo on my arm last week. Captain Gordon did a fantastic job. Exactly what I wanted. Price was great too. My wife will be getting her first tattoo here next week. Shop is immaculate. Staff made us feel very comfortable. Can't rate this shop high enough!
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